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Eito Fanfiction Galore!

Hello, and welcome to fukafukalove, the LJ community for all your Eito Ranger fanfiction needs!

This community is aimed at giving Kanjani∞ fanfiction writers, readers and fans a place to gather and share their fanfiction. If this sounds like the place for you, then please join us, but be sure to read over our community rules and posting tips below.

Questions? Contact one of your friendly neighborhood moderators!
  • Only Kanjani∞ fanfiction related posts are allowed.

  • All fanfiction posted must somehow involve Kanjani∞ as central characters.

  • Please place all fics behind an lj cut or link. Not sure how to do an LJ cut or link? See this post for some helpful tips!

  • Only unlocked entries are allowed. This includes both entries you post to the community and entries linked from other journals.

  • Do not alter font size, color or type in any posts to the community.

  • Do not disable comments on your posts.

  • Flaming, bashing, personal attacks and harrassment of community members will not be tolerated.

  • Only English language fics (or fics with English translations) are allowed. Sorry!

  • Please post a warning on any fic with questionable content.

  • Please place any fic banners larger than 200x300p behind an lj cut.

  • Promotion of new Kanjani∞ fanfiction related communities is allowed. For other JE fanfiction communities, please get approval from a Mod before advertising.

If you break the rules a mod will comment with a warning on your post and you will have 48 hours to change it. If you do not do so within 48 hours your post will be deleted.

Still need a bit of clarification? Check out the community rules post found here.
Posting & Tagging Tips
When posting to the community, please use the following format:

Title: Your Title Here
Author: Your Name Here
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17
Genre: Angst, AU, Comedy, Crack, Crossover, Fluff, Het, Romance, Slash
Pairing(s): Person One/Person Two, Person One/Person Two/Person Three, etc.
Warnings: Warn for any content that might be questionable.*
Author's Notes: Any notes you might have about the story go here.*

*These headings are optional, but feel free to use them if they apply!

Not sure how to code or need a shortcut? Check out the codebox here.

Tagging your entries is not required but is highly recommended!

All community tags should be in the following format:

Length Tags: *story length here
(i.e. *drabble, *oneshot, *multi-chapter)

Drama/Movie Tags: d: drama/movie title here
(i.e. d: attention please, d: yukan club, d: yasuko to kenji, d: ryuusei no kizuna, etc)

Genre Tags: g: genre type here
(i.e. g: angst, g: au, g: romance, etc.)

Pairing Tags: p: person/person
(i.e. p: hina/yoko, p: yasu/subaru, p: ohkura/non-k8 johnny's, p: ryo/non-johnny's male, maru/non-johnny's female, uchi/oc, p: threesome, p: foursome, p: moresome, etc)

Rating Tags: r: your rating here
(i.e. r: g, r: pg, r: pg-13, r: r, r: nc-17)

Have a burning question about tagging that's not answered here? Check out the additional information on finding and creating tags here.
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